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Workout Wednesday: Running 101 W/Fit Britt

Melissa ChanelComment

Guess who's back with a Workout Wednesday post, THIS GIRL! I'm so excited to have Fit Brit with me to chat all about running and pacing yourself. Let's get started. 

There's nothing like lacing up my favorite pair hot pink Nike shoes and running outside in the cool Fall weather. 


Although running isn't my favorite form of cardio, sometimes it's good to stick to the basics.  Running builds up your joints, relieves stress, helps you lose/maintain weight and increases your overall health.  When you run faster, your heart works harder and gets stronger.  But before you head to the park on a beautiful fall day or set your speed on the treadmill, keep these tips in mind:

Eat light.  Before you run, you want to eat enough to keep you energized and full, but not too much to slow you down.  Try eating a banana, mixed berries, toast or half of a bagel before your run. 

Stay hydrated.   Drink water before and after your run. 

Run smart and stylish.  Although running doesn’t require any equipment, it is a high impact activity so you should invest in a good pair of shoes.  I love Nike and New Balance sneakers.  Not only do they have bright and vibrant colors, but they have the support your feet need to protect your bones and joints. 


Keep the beat.  I firmly believe that music amplifies performance so make sure you have some of your favorite upbeat songs to keep you going at a good pace.   Even if you switch between running and walking occasionally, you still want to move to music that keeps you energized.

Stay motivated and pace yourself.  Grab a running partner and set goals.  Try your best at a mile and gradually get faster or run longer.  You’re capable of more than you think!

Keep track of your runs.  The Nike+ Running App is one of my favorites.  Not only can you keep track of your runs, but you can set goals, share challenges with friends or train for a race with this app.  You also get trophies for completing consistent weekly running and running long distances.

Stretch properly.   Stretching after your run will increase your flexibility and range of motion.  Just 5 or 10 minutes of stretching after your run can help fuel you for your next run. 


I'm all about running in style! How cute are these "Beauty in Beast Mode" tee's? Make sure you purchase one tell Fit Britt I sent you.

How are you staying fit this fall? 


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