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12 Tips to be Fashionably Frugal

Melissa Chanel1 Comment
12 Tips to be Fashionably Frugal

The stores are starting to put out all the Christmas decor, so why not! 'Tis the season to ....SHOP, well almost! We're all about to start writing our list and checking it twice to make sure everyone has a gift to open over the holidays. As you check out the greatest and latest remember you have to live after December 25th, so spend wisely. I love list, I always write out what I'm going to the store for and what each person on my list may want/need. As you shop this holiday season, shop responsibly! Here are 12 tips to help you stay fashionably frugal this season. 

1. Coupons- Grab a Sunday paper and have a coupon cutting party! Find all the stores you're thinking about going into for holiday shopping and start cutting. Zip lock bags are perfect for storing your coupons so they won't get lost in your purse and not make a mess. 

2. Shop the clearance - Every store you go in make it your first priority to shop the clearance section. I promise you'll find tons of gems. 

3. DIY- Are you the DIY queen? Well put that talent to use and make a few gifts for your bestie or sibling. Those type of gifts are always so thoughtful, cheap, and from the heart! 

4. Secret Santa- Do you have a large family or large group of friends? Suggest "Secret Santa" this year. It can get pretty expensive buying gift for EVERYONE. This option is great and everyone will receive a gift on Christmas morning! :-)  

5. Recycle- LOL, I don't know how everyone feels about this, but remember that crock pot you received last year and never used? Well guess what, wrap it up and give it to a friend this year. 


6. Shop Swap- Organize a shop swap with your crew. This is where you bring tons of items you've never used and exchange them for items others have that you'd get more use out of. The natural hair community does this all the time with hair products, but can work perfect for the holiday season when you're on a budget.

7. Budget- Set a budget and know what you have to spend before you get out in the store and go crazy. 

8. Christmas Savings Club- Most banks have savings club accts. You can start saving at the beginning of the year and when this time of year comes around you don't have to worry about dipping into your current checking or savings accts.

9. Thrifting- I know some of your friends may say they don't like thrift stores, but they will never me! I find amazing items in thrift stores. Wash it, clean it up, and thrifted items make the perfect gifts.

10. Sets- Buying sets are always great because you can break up the set for more than one person. This come with perfume, music, and/or jewelry. A lot of items come in sets this will help you save and make multiple gifts.

11. Stocking Stuffers- This is easy, cheap, and thoughtful! Grab a few stockings (most are a dollar) decorate them and fill them with fun stuff. Most retail stores have dollar sections now, get your friends their favorite gifts and this way you can get more than one thing by stuffing a stocking for under $10 bucks.  

12. Gift cards- Everyone has to eat! Gift cards will always work and can help when you have a lot of little ones in your family, but you're on a budget. Most cards you can put $5 dollars on and you've just crossed 4 people off your list at $20 bucks! 

I hope I've sparked some really fun ideas for you during this holiday shopping! Remember it's all about creating a list, having a budget, and shopping smart! It's almost time, start your holiday shopping off right.

Do you like to get your shopping done early or are you a last minute shopper? 


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