10 Tips for Shopping on a Budget at Target

It's time to go shopping. Do you have a favorite store? Well if you don't know by now my favorite store is Target. I will make any excuse to walk through those doors, stuffing my cart with items I don't need while sipping a caramel frap with no whip cream. Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about my no shopping for clothes and shoes for a whole month challenge? Well I wanted to take a little future and budget myself when shopping for non-clothing items. I needed to go in Target to pick up a few items for The Best Picnic Ever, but before entering I came up with a few tips/rules I must follow to stay on budget.   


Do you have your pen and paper ready? Here we go. 

  • Play Money: Each pay period set aside a little play money for your favorite stores. Once that's gone, it's gone. 
  • List: Write down all the items you're needed and how much they cost.
  • Sale: Grab a Target sale paper to check for any items on your list and highlight, star, circle. 
  • Master Plan: Only walk down the isle of the items you need. This isn't the time you check the clearance on a shirt you've wanted or see what shoes look cute with this recent maxi dressed you purchased. 
  • Cheap: It's okay to be that cheap friend. You came in for a $30 dollar picnic basket, but you see one for $15 instead...GRAB IT. (That happen to me and I was too excited to save 15 bucks)

Photography by: Bryce

  • Back to the List: Grab that same list and cross out/highlight the items as you throw them in your cart. This helps you stay on track and know where and what you need next. 
  • Needs vs Wants: This is something my mom preaches to me on a daily. While walking if you feel the devil try to use you say to yourself, "Is it a need or a want." It's not much we NEED, so turn your head and keep making your way to the register. 
  • Check Out: Many times we see all the cheap items at the check out and think they won't add up to much, trust me...THEY WILL! Stay focused and remember to be happy with the goodies you purchased and think about all the money you will save. 
  • Receipt: Always and I mean always review your receipt. Sale prices don't always match so you want to make sure everything is correct and you're saving every penny. 
  • Coupons: At every Target check out they have coupons that come out with most sales. They're usually really great, ask for them and make sure you keep them for the next visit. 

And just like that YOU DID IT! We've survived our very first blogging shopping trip to Target and stayed on budget. This like never happens. Most of these tips are really simple and easy to follow. Trust me and try it on your next visit. Take your time and stay within budget. Always remember, "is it a need or a what?" (In my Mom's voice, ha!) 


Melissa Chanel